Our Faculties

Aspire education has a brilliant set of lead  faculties who are dedicated to drive the students  towards achieving their goals and further  to strengthen their confidence level  in order to supersede the success . The faculty staff at aspire are the best connectors for the students who make sure the students get a good start.

The first-rated students get benefitted from the faculties in a multi-dimensional way.

Expert Quant - Polasara Branch

Quatitative and Reasoning Faculty

Purna Chandra Panda M.Phil (Chemistry)(Kodala Branch)

+2 Sc Chemistry Faculty

Lokanath Mahankuda , M.Tech in Thermal Engg. BERHAMPUR

+2 Sc Physics Faculty

Chitta ranjan Behera

Defence Trainer , POLASARA

K. Mishra,M.Sc & M.Phill in Mathematics

+2 Math Faculty , Berhampur

Tumbanatha Panda , M.Sc MATHEMATICS , B.ED , BERHAMPUR

+2 Sc. Math Faculty

Bibhu Prasad Mishra B.Tech in Mech Engg. (Berhampur Branch)

CBSE Coaching Classes

Sugyani Nayak , B.A POLASARA Branch


Narasingh Rauta, M.A English , BERHAMPUR

+2 English Faculty

Puspanjali Panda (Kodala Branch)

+2 Sc. Math Faculty.

Rajakishore Nayak . (Berhampur)

English Faculty for Competitive Exams.

Sagar Pradhan B.sc Math (Kodala Branch)

Kodala Counsellor

Sadananda Pradhan,B.sc Biology , BERHAMPUR

Competitive G.K & +2 Sc. Biology Faculty

Student Counsellor,Berhampur

Ajit Kumar Swain,B.Sc Physics

Marketing Lead.

Surasen Sahu ,B.A,B.ED

+2 Arts History Faculty


Competitive & +2 Sc ,Computer Sc. Faculty

Asish Mohan Dass, M.Sc honours in MATHEMATICS

ICSE,CBSE,CHSE (9th,10th) Math & Competitiive Faculty.

Manoj kumar Pradhan , M.Tech. IIT Kharagpur

+2 Sc Physics Visiting Faculty.

Kanhu Charana Panda ,M.Sc. (Botany) ,B.ed,BERHAMPUR

OUAT Entrance, +2 Sc Biology Faculty

Dr. Purusottam Rath, B.D.S -(Dental Surgeon) ,Ayush University,Raipur

NEET | OUAT Biology Faculty

D.Meher,M.Sc Physics

+2 Physics Faculty

Lokanath Pradhan M. Sc. & M Phil (Chemistry)

CBSE,ICSE,CHSE +2 Sc Chemistry Faculty

Welcome OJEE Mathematics

OJEE Faculty
Looking for Entrance, Competitive, CBSE 1 TO 10, +2 & +3 Coachings?

Our Expert Faculties